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Introductory Japanese Course

  • Level of lesson
  • Introductory-Beginner
  • Course consists of twelve 50-minute lessons

This course is intended for those who are just starting their Japanese studies. Students will learn practical Japanese, with an emphasis on situations that they are likely to encounter during daily life in Japan. This will allow students to study basic Japanese structure and simple grammar while learning useful phrases that they can start using right away.

  • Be able to perform common activities, such as making purchases, ordering food, and asking for the time or directions, in Japanese and without assistance.

  • Become more comfortable with the Japanese language by developing the ability to speak simple phrases.

  • Develop the foundations necessary to begin successfully communicating in the Japanese language.

Lessons Topics Details
1 Greetings, self-introduction Be able to give a simple self-introduction.
2 Café, fast food restaurant Be able to make an order at a café or fast-food restaurant, etc.
3 Restaurant Be able to make an order at a restaurant and interact with the staff.
4 Food, beverages Be able to questions about things you don't know.
5 Super market, Drug store Be able to buy necessary items from a supermarket, drug store, etc.
6 Electronics store Be able to ask questions to the staff and buy the desired item at an electronics store.
7 Department store Be able to ask for permission from staff to try on clothes and shoes when shopping.
8 Map Be able to ask for directions while looking at a map.
9 Time Be able to ask when a meeting starts, or a store's hours of operation, and understand the answer.
10 Sickness Be able to explain that you are not feeling well, and your symptoms.
11 Transfer Be able to talk about where you want to go, or where you went, on your vacation.
12 Schedule Be able to explain your schedule and actions, and have a simple conversation with coworkers.

*Lesson content and order may change.

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