I never imagined that I would be able to take a lesson using Skype so, before I took one, I looked for an instructor who could speak Chinese to make me a little less nervous. Even so, I got butterflies on the day of the lesson. Yet when I met the instructor through Skype and started talking about simple things like the weather, I found myself becoming absorbed in the lesson.

For each lesson, we used Skype and spoke in Japanese the whole time. I felt my attention span naturally improve during my lessons and was able to actively respond to the instructor's questions. When there was a new word or I didn't understand an example sentence, my instructor used very simple language or gestures to explain it. This program has improved my listening skills and taught me correct telephone etiquette. Learning Japanese like this is a lot of fun and I often forget when the lesson is over. And I always had so many questions! If possible, I would like to see class times extended. Although lessons are finished now, I plan to continue studying and deepen my understanding of the Japanese language.

Le Thi Tuyet NganMOCAP Vietnam (VIETNAM)


It was the first time I had attended an online course via Skype. When I registered for the general course in business Japanese, I was worried whether 10 lessons with 50 minutes each would be able to cover the full content of the course. However, I am now really happy with what I have learnt after the course. The first lesson was similar to the trial session, so I found it understandable. My teacher and I spent a lot of time on introducing ourselves and talking about our hobbies and current affairs, etc. The following lessons became harder. I learned more about the honorific forms, how to write an email and how to answer the phone, etc. I was really fond of the Small-talk in each lesson because the teachers often started the lesson with a natural conversation to make the lecture more comfortable.

My biggest joy when enrolling in this course is that I had more time to talk with the teachers. Although my current job requires Japanese, the opportunities for me to communicate in Japanese are relatively limited. Thanks to this course, I find myself more confident and content when speaking Japanese.

Adam Brown(United States of America)


Taking Japanese lessons was one of my top goals this year. However, it has been very hard to find an appropriate educational medium that suits my needs. Throughout my educational career, I have always taken lessons with my instructors in person, so I was a little nervous about taking lessons online.

I took my first online lesson here at ALC Online Japanese School, and I was immediately amazed at both the efficacy of the lesson, along with the outstanding quality of the instructor. Since then, I have taken several lessons here with different instructors, and I am extremely satisfied with my experience here. Through Skype, my instructors are able to give me immediate feedback—including written feedback via the chat box—which allows me to easily review what I had learned in the lessons. After the lessons, the instructors also leave me comments through the web platform, advising me how I can improve the areas in which I need the most improvement.

All the instructors at ALC Online Japanese School have vast experience and knowledge, and they are very friendly and professional. I cannot say which instructor is my favorite, as they are all wonderful, knowledgeable and friendly. I am truly grateful for their expertise and instruction; they make me feel completely at ease. I look forward to improving my business Japanese skills with the help of the instructors here at ALC Online Japanese School.



Before the learning time via Skype, I was trembling and very nervous. Every scenario appeared in my mind. For example, what if I did not know what to learn, how to learn, etc. Then it was my turn to enter the room with a nervous and anxious mood. However, from the first greeting and ways of communication to guiding me through the lecture, the teacher made me passionate about the language. She inspired me so much, helped me keep track with the lectures and cleared away my initial surprise and anxiety.

I attentively listened to the lectures and actively answered the questions. The teacher helped me when I did not understand the new words and structures with the help of illustrations and actions. In this way, I got to think on my own and related words to things, and could remember new words and structures for a long time. Moreover, she also taught me things such as how to take a bus, stand on the bus, and how to communicate. I was actually passionate about the lectures, but time flied. Part of me felt so down and I felt regretful at the end of the course. I wanted to learn, study and ask about many other issues. I hope that I can learn with this teacher via Skype as soon as possible. Although the learning time with her was so short, the course helped me understand more about life in Japan, which will be useful for my life there in the future.



At first, I was very nervous and did not know how to learn properly and effectively. It was a foresight which is very similar to the feeling I had when I started learning Japanese. By using Skype, I was able to learn directly with Japanese teachers. At first, I learned simple structures and spoke short sentences. After that, I learned more difficult structures and started to combine longer sentences.

Moreover, we had the chance to improve our communication skills, including listening and speaking skills. Some people may think that learning via Skype is boring and uninteresting; such thought is completely wrong. In contrast, this method is very interesting and lively. As the teachers included illustrations in the lessons, we could quickly understand and grasp the contents of the sentences. I think that today’s young Japanese learners should not only learn with books, but also contact Japanese teachers to learn via Skype. This will help them improve their communication skills. Learning via Skype is a practical and technological method, which helps you learn the language despite the physical distance from the teachers. I hope learners of all languages all over the world will find that online learning is a great and interesting way to learn.



Previously I had never learned a language via Skype, because I thought it would be ineffective. There would be no direct contact with the teachers, and learning only with the computer would be very boring.

But once having learned via Skype and talked to Japanese teachers in Vinalines Maritime Labor Export, I realized that lessons via Skype can be interesting and rewarding. Contents are easy to understand as Japanese teachers use illustrations, which are very close to the contents. The teachers are funny and interesting, and provide us with understandable and exciting lessons. This way of learning helped me practice the ability to respond, and improved my speaking and listening skills.

In addition, as I was talking directly with Japanese teachers via Skype, I could improve my communication skills and familiarize myself with the speaking style of Japanese. Content-specific illustrations provided numerous information sources to learners about Japanese culture and society. So I realized that learning Japanese via Skype can provide us with useful information and an advanced Japanese proficiency level. I am very happy and looking forward to learning this language via Skype; so many useful and interesting lessons can be brought not only to me but also those who are really willing to learn.

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