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20 Lessons

Elementary Japanese Course Ⅱ

  • Level of lesson
  • Beginner
  • (Japanese Language Proficiency Test N5-N4 equivalent)
  • Course consists of twenty 50-minute lessons

This course covers the next level of Japanese-language learning following Elementary Japanese Course I. It is intended for learners who are already able to convey simple greetings and engage in basic exchanges. The aim is to further develop communication skills through the study of expressions used in everyday situations involving coworkers or friends.

Lessons Topics Objectives
1 Formal Greetings
& Self-introductions
Be able to use simple greetings and give a basic self-introduction when meeting someone for the first time in business situations and other formal settings.
2 Interests & Likes Be able to discuss interests, hobbies, and likes with coworkers or friends.
3 Recent Activities Be able to talk about your recent activities and ask others about theirs.
4 Want-to-dos Be able to state whether you have experience/knowledge regarding something, and talk about things you want to do.
5 Review① Review Lessons 1 – 4 to improve fluency in the expressions learned.
6 Gift-giving Tips Be able to ask for tips on what gifts to give people, and talk about presents you have received.
7 Advice Be able to give advice to someone planning to visit your country or hometown.
8 Thoughts & Impressions Be able to express your thoughts and impressions regarding a certain topic.
9 Asking about Services Be able to ask about the availability and location of certain services at a facility.
10 Review② Review Lessons 6 – 9 to improve fluency in the expressions learned.
11 Foods & Taste Be able to ask about an unfamiliar food and express your impressions of a food’s taste. Also, be able to explain and recommend foods of your country.
12 Lost Articles Be able to describe a lost item and ask for advice on what to do.
13 Failures & Successes Be able to talk about past failures, happy experiences, etc.
14 Homeland Customs Be able to talk about your country’s customs.
15 Shopping Be able to specifically describe to a shop attendant an item you want to buy.
16 Review③ Review Lessons 11 – 15 to improve fluency in the expressions learned.
17 Disasters Be able to ask what to do in an emergency, and understand the instructions given.
18 Dealing with Disasters Be able to talk about responding to natural disasters and find out the current situation.
19 Personal Changes Be able to talk about changes in your life.
20 Review④ Review Lessons 17 – 19 to improve fluency in the expressions learned.

*Please note that the lesson content and order are subject to change.

Teaching materials and lesson formats

Each lesson provides learning materials “Preview” for preparing for and taking the lesson. Each preparatory learning material explains the vocabulary and grammar required in the lesson. Learning materials for taking lessons contain many conversation examples so that students can practice conversation fully with course instructors.
The 20 lessons include four review lessons: check your Japanese proficiency while continuing to learn.

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