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Business Etiquette Course

  • Level of lesson
  • Intermediate-Advanced
  • (Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2-N1 equivalent)
  • Ten 50-minute lessons

This course teaches verbal etiquette through useful expressions and greetings used in business situations and gives instruction in behavioral etiquette concerning areas such as appearance and dealing with customers. Through a focus on the proper way to exchange business cards and etiquette for handling visitors and clients, as well as seating order for a variety of situations, this course aims to give students grounding in appropriate behavior for shakaijin (working adults) in Japan.

Lessons Topics Details
1 Behavior (1)
Exchanging business cards
Students learn the proper way to exchange business cards.
2 Words (1)
Greetings and inoffensive expressions
Students learn basic inoffensive expressions and often-used greetings.
3 Behavior (2)
Dealing with customers, and seating order
Students learn etiquette in dealing with visitors and clients, as well as proper seating order for various situations.
4 Words (2)
The basics of honorifics
Students learn sonkeigo and kenjogo often used in business situations.
5 Behavior (3)
Etiquette when visiting other companies
Students learn about etiquette when visiting other companies, as well as how to make appointments.
6 Words (3)
How to back channel
Students study a variety of back channeling expressions and learn how to be good listeners.
7 Behavior (3)
Ho-Ren-So (report, contact, consult)
Students learn about the different behavior of working adults when in and out of the office.
8 Behavior (4)
Basic rules for telephone conversation
Students learn expressions often used when receiving and making calls.
9 Words (5)
Improper expressions
Students learn about expressions that are grammatically correct but nevertheless inappropriate.
10 Recap Students take a yes/no quiz to review material learned in lessons 1 through 9.

*Lesson content and order may change.

Teaching materials and lesson formats

Every lesson will proceed according to a few pages of printed materials. You will first have a simple conversation with the instructor on that day's theme. Through quizzes and role playing, you will then learn appropriate behavior and expressions for business situations.

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