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20 Lessons

Elementary Japanese Course Ⅰ

  • Level of lesson
  • Beginner
  • Japanese Language Proficiency Test N5 equivalent
  • Course consists of twenty 50-minute lessons

This course is the next level of the Japanese Introductory Course. It helps students learn the basics of Japanese so that they can use set phrases for daily life situations as well as to actively engage in various conversations, such as talking with friends and co-workers about what they did on the weekend and offering help to someone.

Lessons Topics Objectives
1 Self-Introduction Be able to talk about yourself in simple language with somebody you just met.
2 Transportation① Be able to talk about how long it takes to get to your hometown and the method of travel.
3 My Hometown Be able to talk about your own hometown and ask others about theirs.
4 Holiday Plan Be able to talk about where you want to go on a holiday and what you want to do there.
5 Review① Review of Lessons 1 through 4
6 Things in the room Be able to ask where something is and explain where something you need is.
7 Shopping Be able to ask the price and size of things you want to buy.
8 Weekend Be able to talk about what you did on a weekend and ask the other person questions.
9 Daily routines Be able to talk about what you do during the day and your plans.
10 Health Be able to talk and ask about symptoms in simple language at a hospital, and get medicine at a pharmacy.
11 Review② Review of Lessons 6 through 10
12 Food Be able to say what you like and don’t like when invited to eat.
13 Offering Help Be able to describe the situation around you and offer help as needed.
14 Transportation② Be able to talk and ask questions about destinations transfer and times when using public transportation.
15 Taxi Be able to use a taxi by telling the driver the destination and how to get there.
16 Review③ Review of Lessons 12 through 15
17 Meeting Friends Be able to decide on a time and place to meet and agree to meet.
18 Locations Be able to explain where you are when you get lost.
19 Facility rules Be able to understand directions and ask about rules and imformation.
20 Review④ Review of Lessons 17 through 19

*Lesson content and order may change.

Teaching materials and lesson formats

Each lesson provides learning materials “Preview” for preparing for and taking the lesson. Each preparatory learning material explains the vocabulary and grammar required in the lesson. Learning materials for taking lessons contain many conversation examples so that students can practice conversation fully with course instructors.
The 20 lessons include four review lessons: check your Japanese proficiency while continuing to learn.

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