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20 Lessons

Introductory Japanese Course ( 20 lessons )

  • Level of lesson
  • Introductory - Beginner
  • Course consists of twenty 50-minute lessons

This beginner course has been designed for students just starting their Japanese studies, or those who wish to prepare for life in Japan in a short amount of time. Learn Japanese phrases often used for shopping and in restaurants, with English language support. The course is perfect for those just starting life in Japan or who want to try out studying Japanese.

  • Learners that wish to study Japanese from the basics in a more structured approach are urged to follow this course with the Japanese Beginner I course.

Lessons Topics Objectives
1 Simple introductions
  • Make simple greetings in Japanese
  • Give a simple introduction of yourself to others at a first-time gathering
  • Understand and answer questions from a new acquaintance about your name and home country
2 When you don't understand a word
  • Understand and answer questions about hobbies and specialties or expertise
  • Ask for English/Japanese translations of words you don't know
3 Shopping (1) Convenience stores
  • Ask whether a product you want is sold at a convenience store
  • Accept or decline an offer from a convenience store clerk
  • Ask for the price to be repeated at a convenience store
4 At a restaurant (1) Entering
  • Respond to questions at a restaurant about the number of guests and smoking preferences
  • Place your order at a restaurant by pointing to items on the menu
5 At a restaurant (2) Ordering
  • Ask about a dish on the menu
  • Order a meal at a restaurant
6 Shopping (2) Supermarkets and electronics stores
  • Ask whether a product you want is sold at a store
  • Ask about the location of departments or facilities at a store
7 Garbage rules
  • Ask your neighbor about garbage collection days and understand the response
  • Ask your neighbor where garbage should be placed and understand the response
8 Time and plans
  • Understand and answer when asked for the time
  • Ask a colleague for the time of the next meeting
9 Asking the way
  • Show a map and ask for directions
  • Listen to directions given and pick up the key words
10 Review 1
  • Review of lessons 1-9
11 Various procedures (paying bills/opening accounts)
  • Pay utility bills at a convenience store
  • Open a bank account
12 Sending packages
  • Process packages to be sent from a post office
13 Transportation (trains, buses, taxis)
  • Ask for the destination and departure and arrival times of trains and buses
  • Communicate the destination in a taxi and ask how long the trip will take
14 Tourism and facilities
  • Buy tickets at tourist destinations
  • Obtain permission at a facility, e.g. to take a picture
15 Making calls
  • Ask for a phone number
  • Understand a phone number being read aloud
  • Make a call and ask for someone
16 Offering and refusing invitations
  • Invite friends to your home
  • Tactfully refuse invitations
17 Visiting
  • Visit a friend's home and respond appropriately to the host's hospitality
  • Convey simple opinions or thoughts on work, life and the host's home
  • Accept or refuse the host's offers
18 Going to the hospital
  • Communicate your symptoms to a doctor
  • Understand the explanation about how to take medication
19 Dealing with trouble
  • When met with trouble, briefly explain the problem and ask for help
20 Review 2
  • Review of lessons 11-19

*Please note that the lesson content and order are subject to change.

Teaching materials and lesson formats

Each lesson will proceed following a few pages of printed materials.

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