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20 Lessons

Business Japanese Introductory course

  • Level of lesson
  • Introductory-Beginner
  • Course consists of twenty 50-minute lessons

This course is aimed at business persons, who would like to obtain the maximum results possible from a short period of study time.
You'll be predominantly learning from practical words that are very usable, so you can master simple conversations that can be used effectively in the workplace in a short period of time. There are two types of texts - e-books, and PDF files used in online lesson conversation practice.Additionally, you can use the self-study e-learning for practice drills, to aim for reliable learning.

1 Greetings / First meetings Be able to greet people that you meet for the first time at a company party or event. Lesson1,2,4
2 Opening conversations Be able to speak simply about yourself and your family. Lesson3,5
3 Talking about your abilities Be able to speak about yourself, such as what you are skilled at, and what you like. Lesson6
4 Review 1 Review the expressions learned in S4~S6, and can give a self-introduction or talk about your abilities. Lesson4,5,6
5 Making telephone calls① Be able to phone the company's reception, and ask for the phone number of another department. Lesson7
6 Making telephone calls② Be able to phone another company and respond when the other party is not present. Lesson8
7 Making a purchase,At a restaurant Be able to ask about the price at a shop, and purchase. Lesson9
8 Taking a taxi,Changin money Be able to ride a taxi and pay the fare.
Be able to ask for a money exchange at the bank.
9 At a post office. At a bank Be able to send letters and parcels at the post office, and can open and close accounts at the bank. Lesson11
10 Review2 Confirm the expressions learned in Session5-9, and be able to say them smoothly. Lesson7,8,9,10,11
11 Asking directions Be able to ask strangers and station staff about your destination location and how to get there. Lesson12
12 Visiting offices① Be able to select the drink that was recommended by your visit destination. Lesson13
13 Visiting Offices② Be able to ask the other person for an explanation, copy, or a taxi reservation. Lesson14
14 Opening, closing times Be able to ask about the store's business hours, or the time required for public transportation. Lesson15
15 Making appointments Be able to make proposals to the client, and respond to their proposals. Lesson16
16 Offering and accepting invitations Be able to confirm the other party's schedule, and invite them. Lesson17
17 Review3 Review the content learned in Session11 - S16, gain an understanding of what you became able to do, and what you still need to practice. Lesson12-17
18 Physical ailments Be able to explain that you are not feeling well to your boss, and go to the hospital. Lesson18
19 Total Review1 Confirm the expressions learned session1-9, and be able to say them smoothly.
20 Total Review2 Confirm the expressions learned in Session10-18, and be able to say them smoothly.

*Lesson content and order may change.

Teaching materials and lesson formats

  • ① Download the e-book
  • ② Download the lesson(Session) materials

There are two types of texts - e-books, and PDF files used in online lesson( session ) conversation practice.
Every lesson will proceed according to a few pages of printed materials.

① Download the textbook 『JAPANESE FOR BUSINESS CONVERSATION FOR BEGINNERS』) into ALCO (APPS) and prepare before the session.
②Log in to the ALC Online Japanese School, and download the lesson(Session) materials(PDF).
③In the Session, practice grammar, vocabulary and simple conversation with the instructor.

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