Business Japanese Intermediate Course Ⅰ

20 Lessons

Business Japanese Intermediate Course Ⅰ

  • Level of lesson
  • Elementary-Intermediate
  • Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4-N3 equivalent
  • Course consists of twenty 50-minute lessons

This course represents the next level above the Japanese Elementary CourseⅠ. It is designed to help learners proficient in basic everyday conversational Japanese to expand their range of communication by introducing them to expressions used in typical interactions with coworkers and to simple exchanges that take place in business settings.

Since learners build up their knowledge of early intermediate patterns, words, and expressions while reviewing elementary fundamentals, they become able to discuss slightly complex topics and resolve issues in Japanese, even in situations involving multiple exchanges.

Lessons Topics Objectives
1 Talking about future goals and tasks Become able to talk about your future goals and tasks, as part of a self-introduction or greeting.
2 Seeking/giving advice on shopping Become able to seek or give advice on purchasing an item one wants or an action one wants to do.
3 Asking for suggestions Become able to ask a shop clerk for suggestions by conveying things like the performance or purpose of the item you desire, or your budget.
4 Talking about health Become able to talk with a coworker about health and physical condition.
5 Review 1 Increase your fluency by reviewing sessions 1-4.
6 Going to a destination Become able to understand directions to a certain destination.
7 Explaining current situation Become able to describe your current situation (where you are, what you’re doing, etc.), and do the same about other people.
8 Expressing support and impressions Become able to cheer for/praise a favorite team or famous person, and to state your impressions of that team or person.
9 Conferring on activities/destinations Become able to confer with someone to choose an activity or destination.
10 Review 2 Increase your fluency by reviewing sessions 5-9.
11 Explaining rules Become able to explain established practices or rules that must be obeyed at a company, school, community, etc.
12 Explaining usage or order Become able to explain how to use something or the order of a procedure.
13 Talking about actions performed for you, or those you want to perform for someone Become able to talk about things you had done for you, and things you want to do for others.
14 Talking about plans Become able to talk about things you plan or want to do.
15 Review 3 Increase your fluency by reviewing sessions 11-14.
16 Talking about inferences Become able to talk about inferences that you can make about a certain situation based on the circumstances observed.
17 Consulting about events Become able to consult with others about planning and preparing for events.
18 Talking about troublesome experiences Become able to talk about troublesome experiences you’ve had, and describe the feelings that you felt during them.
19 Talking about aspirations Become able to talk about insights that you have gained from your experiences, and about things you aspire to do.
20 Review 4 Increase your fluency by reviewing sessions 16-19.

*Lesson content and order may change.

Teaching materials and lesson formats

Each lesson provides learning materials “Preview” for preparing for and taking the lesson. Each preparatory learning material explains the vocabulary and grammar required in the lesson. Learning materials for taking lessons contain many conversation examples so that students can practice conversation fully with course instructors.
The 20 lessons include four review lessons: check your Japanese proficiency while continuing to learn.

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