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Honorific Language in Business

  • Level of lesson
  • Intermediate-Advanced
  • (Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2-N1 equivalent)
  • Ten 50-minute lessons

This course provides intensive training in honorific language, an essential element of business situations. Students will get a thorough grounding in the differences among sonkeigo, kenjogo, and teineigo, and how to use each. Beginning with the uniquely Japanese concepts of uchi and soto, this practical course will teach students methods for using honorifics often used inside and outside companies, honorifics often used when speaking with clients, and methods for conveying delicate matters tactfully.

Lessons Topics Details
1 Before practicing honorifics Students learn about the importance of honorifics.
2 Honorifics (1)
Students learn about the types of sonkeigo and how to use them.
3 Honorifics (2)
Students learn about the types of kenjogo and how to use them.
4 Honorifics (3)
Formal expressions
Students learn about the types of teineigo and how to use them.
5 Honorifics (4)
(Uchi and Soto)
Students think about and use what they learned in lessons 2 through 4 through the lens of uchi/soto (inside group / outside group).
6 Honorifics (5)
Expressions used to refer to oneself or others
Students learn expressions often used in business situations to refer to themselves and others.
7 Honorifics (6)
Often-used honorific expressions
Study honorific expressions often used at companies.
8 Honorifics (7)
Often-used honorific expressions
Study honorific expressions often used outside the office and with customers.
9 Honorifics (8)
Often-used honorific expressions
(Conveying delicate matters)
Students learn euphemisms and inoffensive expressions for use when conveying delicate matters tactfully.
10 Honorifics (9)
Recap quiz
Students do a general review of honorifics studied in lessons 1 through 9.

*Lesson content and order may change.

Teaching materials and lesson formats

Every lesson will proceed according to a few pages of printed materials. You will first have a simple conversation with the instructor on that day's theme. After that, you will practice polite language including sonkeigo, kenjogo, and teineigo to improve your ability to use honorifics in conversation depending on who you are talking to and the situation.

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