Home country:Japan

Area of residence:Japan


Support Languages:English(elementary)

Hello! I was born and raised in Shinjuku, Tokyo. (The famous Kabukicho is there.) So I am confident in my knowledge of Tokyo. Back in my school days, I studied Italian, but I have forgotten nearly all of it.
Now I am continuing to study English in hopes of becoming good at it.

I taught class lessons for 3 years at a Japanese language school. I have experience teaching all levels from beginner to advanced. I did lessons where students could have fun and speak openly, and I taught them things like interesting Japanese that's not printed in textbooks and useful Japanese, and it was well-received.
Now I am teaching mostly business Japanese. When you are living in Japan and working in a Japanese company, you probably wonder about all sorts of cultural differences. My lessons are meant to help you handle all sorts of scenarios confidently. I want you to sense the spirit and culture of the Japanese people that is embedded in the Japanese language! And please teach me about your own country, too.
I look forward to meeting you all!

・Completed a Japanese teacher training program
・Passed the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test

8 years’ experience teaching Japanese

From the secretariat

Suenaga-sensei is a teacher with a variety of experience and lots of curiosity.
She has experience in office work and sales at a large company as well as with her own business, so depending on your profession she can teach you different Japanese and the different ways companies think.
And she is also a kind teacher who loves animals.

Lesson of Instructor

  • Business Japanese Intermediate Course 2(20 lessons)
  • Elementary Japanese Course 2
  • Elementary Japanese Course Ⅰ
  • General Business Japanese Course(10 lessons)
  • General Business Japanese Course(20)
  • Business Phone Call Course ( 10 lessons )
  • Business E-mail Course(10 lessons)
  • Honorific Language in Business(10 lessons )
  • Business Etiquette Course(10 lessons )
  • Free Lesson(JLPT N4-N3/ N2 equivalent)

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