Home country:Japan

Area of residence:Japan


Support Languages: English (Intermediate), Chinese (Elementary), Swedish(Elementary)

Hello. When I was a student I studied abroad in Sweden, and afterwards, I worked at a travel company, so I am knowledgeable about Europe. After teaching Japanese as a volunteer, I went back to school, and taught Japanese at a language school to international students from Asia (mostly China), and at a company to business persons from various countries.While having fun talks about hobby, trips, sports, etc., I teach Japanese that's catered to lifestyle and company needs. Let's work hard together!

・Passed the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test

・Completed a Japanese teacher training program

9 years’ experience teaching Japanese

From the secretariat

With plenty of teaching experience, I can also offer advice on the differences in how to use Japanese depending on the situation, so please feel free to ask any questions. Lately, I enjoy traveling in the Asian region, such as India and China, as well as Southeast Asian countries. I'd like to ask you questions about your country, so let's talk a lot.

Lesson of Instructor

  • Business J Intermediate 1(20 lessons)
  • Business Japanese Intermediate Course 2(20 lessons)
  • 日本語入門20回コース
  • Japanese Introductory Course (12 lessons )
  • Business Japanese Introductory Course(20)
  • Business Japanese Pre-Intermediate Course(12 lessons)
  • General Business Japanese Course(20)

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