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Area of residence:Japan


Hello! I am a Japanese teacher who can sing and dance and has lived in Argentina for two years.In Japan, I have taught students of every level according to their needs.Because students come first.Field type teacher by nature.Have business experience.We will work our heart out  to support you to reach your goal.

From the secretariat

Mari-sensei  is a good listener.She understands your reasons and feelings of "wanting to talk but unable to", and she will help you breakthrough.She is taking Spanish online lessons as well, so she will sympathize for sure.

Lesson of Instructor

  • Elementary Japanese Course Ⅰ
  • Japanese Introductory Course_N
  • General Business Japanese Course(10)_N
  • General Business Japanese Course (20 lessons)
  • Business Phone Call Course ( 10 lessons )
  • Business E-mail Course_f
  • Honorific Language in Business_f
  • Business Etiquette Course_N
  • Free Lesson(JLPT N4-N3/ N2 equivalent)

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