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Hello. I have taught Japanese in Japan and overseas. I'm always being reminded that being able to speak the language of a country enriches the life you live there and makes your work more fulfilling. ALC online lessons provide a place to practice your language skills. I hope to provide lessons where you and I imagine real-life situations together as we speak. It's my pleasure to meet you.

20 years’ experience teaching Japanese

From the secretariat

Ms. Okumura has taught Japanese at a number of schools overseas. She has many ideas for how to practice, and will no doubt provide you with fun lessons. She has also practiced the tea ceremony for many years and knows much about Japanese culture.

Lesson of Instructor

  • Elementary Japanese Course 2
  • Elementary Japanese Course Ⅰ
  • Free Lesson Elementary
  • Free Lesson -Elementary / Intermediate / Intermediate-Advanced (法人)
  • 日本語入門20回コース
  • General Business Japanese Course(10 lessons)
  • General Business Japanese Course(20)
  • Business E-mail Course(10 lessons)
  • Free Lesson(JLPT N4-N3/ N2 equivalent)

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