Home country:Japan

Area of residence:Europe


I became a Japanese language instructor upon working at a company’s overseas human resource department. Since then, I have taught Japanese both domestically as well as overseas (Japan, China, Europe). For a change of pace, I enjoy cooking Asian cuisine, and dancing.
I’m very happy to be able to support everyone who is working towards their goals. Lessons are practice, so lets have a lot of conversation. Please tell me about the delicious things in your country. I’m looking forward to studying together with you!

From the secretariat

Ms. Otsuki provides thorough and kind support, catered to everyone’s goals. We recommend her as an instructor for business Japanese, formal Japanese, and for proper pronunciation.

Lesson of Instructor

  • Japanese Introductory Course_f
  • Japanese Introductory Course_N
  • Business Japanese Introductory Course(20)
  • General Business Japanese Course(10)_N
  • Free Lesson(JLPT N4-N3/ N2 equivalent)

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