Home country:Japan

Area of residence:Japan


Support Languages: English (Intermediate to Advanced)

My major at university was British and American Literature. I became interested in the harmony between the West and the East while studying how British and American Literature was affected by Eastern ways of thought, like Buddhism. I got into Japanese language education through my work in interpretation and translation. I started thinking that I wanted to communicate all the fun and interesting things about Japan to people in other countries, so I went to graduate school to study Foreign Language Education and Japanese Language Research, and became a Japanese language instructor. My hobbies include singing, cooking, and traveling. I stay in an area with a lot of nature, and am always enamored by the shifting of the seasons. It would be great if my students could learn how fun it is to interact with other cultures and expand their own worldview, so they can experience and appreciate Japanese sensibilities and ways of thinking through the Japanese language itself.

・Passed Japanese Language Teachers’ ExaminationCompleted Osaka YWCA College Japanese Language Teacher Training / Master of Education in TESOL, Temple University Japan Campus

From the secretariat

A kind, friendly instructor. She has been a Japanese language instructor for 30 years, teaching Japanese and Japanese culture to international students from the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Many of these students have gone on to work in a variety of fields, using their Japanese language skills.

Lesson of Instructor

  • Business J Intermediate 1(20 lessons)
  • Business Japanese Intermediate Course 2(20 lessons)
  • Elementary Japanese Course 2
  • Elementary Japanese Course Ⅰ
  • 日本語入門20回コース
  • General Business Japanese Course(10 lessons)
  • Honorific Language in Business(10 lessons )

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