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Area of residence:Japan


Support Languages: Germany ( Intermediate) , English ( Intermediate ), Chinese ( Pre-Intermediate ), Italy (Elementary)

Hello, everyone. I have taught Japanese in higher education institutions in Germany, speaking German, and in China. I am going to help you learn the Japanese language you need thoroughly within the timeframe of the lessons. My hobbies are slow jogging, so slow that even small children can pass me, and learning Chinese. I look forward to seeing you at ALC Online School! I passed the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test, completed a Japanese teacher training course and have 10 years' experience teaching Japanese.

・Passed the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test
・Completed a Japanese teacher training program
・Completed the NAFL Japanese Instructor Education Program

11 years’ experience teaching Japanese

From the secretariat

Ms. Yamauchi has business experience and studied at an overseas university. She will certainly teach you with care from your standpoint, understanding your situation.

Lesson of Instructor

  • Business J Intermediate 1(20 lessons)
  • Elementary Japanese Course 2
  • Elementary Japanese Course Ⅰ
  • 日本語入門20回コース
  • General Business Japanese Course(10 lessons)
  • General Business Japanese Course(20)
  • Business Phone Call Course ( 10 lessons )
  • Business E-mail Course(10 lessons)
  • Honorific Language in Business(10 lessons )

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